Now accepting cash donations

I’ve had some people ask if they can help out with a cash donations. The good news is… NOW YOU CAN! Just follow the link here and donate whatever amount you’d like.

Buy Now Button

What will these cash donations be used for? Great question. The rangers of Mount Kenya National Park are in need of all kinds of gear and supplies (stay tuned for the “wish list” update I just received from Simon Gitau, our project co-founder and Senior Warden of the park). A lot of it we are hoping to secure through donations – from kind and generous people like yourself! Some of it is more specialized gear, however, and with your cash, we’ll be able to purchase supplies as well. Also — cash donations will help with the hidden costs of transportation. We’ve got to get that gear over to Kenya somehow — and every bit of cash we can raise can help us reach that goal.

So there you have it! Please donate your cash and your outdoor gear!

If you’d like to read more about the origin of The Lala Salama Project, please check out the article I wrote about my 2014 trip back to Kenya to visit Simon Gitau, now Senior Warden of Mount Kenya National Park and a former classmate on a NOLS semester course in 1999.

A Kenyan Reunion

If you have any questions, please just get in touch with me at lalasalamaproject at We also always need help — please also reach out if you’d like to get involved. This project will only be successful with the awesome support of folks like you!

Thanks all,

Brittany Retherford


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