New Fundraiser Partnership!

We are really excited to announce a new fundraising partnership with the awesomely talented K.Rooker.Jewels! Kristi is a Texas-based jeweler who specializes in gorgeous, handmade designs (seriously people — go check out her work).

AND… she has designed TEN “Tusker” necklace specially for The Lala Salama Project! Check it out below… This is an awesome gift for the woman in your life who loves Africa’s ‪#‎elephants‬ and other wildlife as much as the rest of us… not to mention the fact that all the proceeds will go to a great cause — helping support the rangers of Mount Kenya National Park.


HERE’S THE DEAL: The first 10 people to ‪#‎DONATE‬ at least $48.00 will get this necklace! Proceeds from this fundraiser will go directly toward purchasing plane tickets for two wildlife rangers to attend the World Ranger Congress USA 2016.

Please don’t forget to provide your e-mail address so we can get in touch with you for shipping information. Questions? E-mail Brittany at

OH… AND PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH YOUR ‪#‎WILDLIFE‬-LOVING FRIENDS! Together, we can make a difference.

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What to Donate: The “Wish List”

I asked Simon for a recent “Wish List” of items his rangers are most in need of right now…. and he delivered!

Do you have any items on the list that you can contribute?

1. 4-season Alpine tents, (3 or 4 person).
2. Alpine sleeping bags, (-10 degrees).
3. Black cold weather military boots.
4. Mountaineering boots for rescue team.
5. Down/gortex/parka jackets (green color preferred for camouflage).
6. Rain pants and jackets.
7. Binoculars.
8. Night vision thermo-imaging equipment.
9. Thermal pants and tops.
10. Back packs for rescue team, (size 70 or 80 liter).
11. Day packs (size 20-30 liter),
12. Fleece pants and tops.
13. Gaiters.
14. Balaclavas.
15. Trimble GPS units

And Simon also noted — “We don’t mind even second-hand or used items if they are in serviceable or good condition. We will appreciate.”

For details about where to send gear, visit:

Or get in touch with me at Thanks all!

Lala Salama,
Brittany Retherford

Now accepting cash donations

I’ve had some people ask if they can help out with a cash donations. The good news is… NOW YOU CAN! Just follow the link here and donate whatever amount you’d like.

Buy Now Button

What will these cash donations be used for? Great question. The rangers of Mount Kenya National Park are in need of all kinds of gear and supplies (stay tuned for the “wish list” update I just received from Simon Gitau, our project co-founder and Senior Warden of the park). A lot of it we are hoping to secure through donations – from kind and generous people like yourself! Some of it is more specialized gear, however, and with your cash, we’ll be able to purchase supplies as well. Also — cash donations will help with the hidden costs of transportation. We’ve got to get that gear over to Kenya somehow — and every bit of cash we can raise can help us reach that goal.

So there you have it! Please donate your cash and your outdoor gear!

If you’d like to read more about the origin of The Lala Salama Project, please check out the article I wrote about my 2014 trip back to Kenya to visit Simon Gitau, now Senior Warden of Mount Kenya National Park and a former classmate on a NOLS semester course in 1999.

A Kenyan Reunion

If you have any questions, please just get in touch with me at lalasalamaproject at We also always need help — please also reach out if you’d like to get involved. This project will only be successful with the awesome support of folks like you!

Thanks all,

Brittany Retherford

Rangers in need of 2-way radios – Let’s help them out!


Several people have asked if they could make cash donations to The Lala Salama Project in support of the rangers on Mount Kenya.

We love the support, but aren’t set up to do that… YET.

HOWEVER, Simon just informed me that they are in need of 15 pairs of two-way radios for patrolling the mountain. It’s tough to get these in Kenya, but Amazon has them for just $46 (on sale too!). And Free Shipping!

This would make an awesome donation in lieu of cash and gear!!

Just have them sent to:
Brittany Retherford
The Lala Salama Project
1906 Wood Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80907


Michelle Waterhouse
The Lala Salama Project
P.O. Box 381
Lookout Mountain, TN 37350

Let’s make this happen people!!

Clean out your gear closets!

Great news friends!

We’ve got another shipping address for you to mail your your gently-used, high-quality outdoor gear.

Michelle Waterhouse – Lala Salama Project
P.O. Box 381
Lookout Mountain, TN 

In the coming months, we’ll be organizing donated outdoor gear and prepping it to bring to rangers on Mount Kenya National Park.

Every bit helps! Share this page and help bring awareness to the risks Kenya’s wildlife rangers face every day.

How to Help!

Great news friends!

This project primarily aims at gathering donations of high-quality gear. When enough gear is collected and we can take an inventory, we may solicit cash donations to help pay for  shipping or to purchase gear that might not be donated (but in high demand by rangers).

Please check out the new “How to Help” page.

And please check back for updates. I’ve got some pretty interesting stuff to share with you all and I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out.


— Brittany